Winds of Winter Might Throw Light On Jon Snow’s Mother, Martin Talks About a Major Plot Twist!

Peterson sat to chat with the fans on a Reddit and he spoke about how Dothraki has around 4000 words. He explained that even a language that doesn’t have any contact with the outside world, it is common to have a hundred thousand words.

Fans had already been aware of the fact that Dothraki would feature in Winds of Winter since in the last novel Daenerys Targaryen was spotted near a Dothraki tribe. Daenerys owes her new lease of life to Khal Drogo, the Dothraki leader she had married, but there are a few who were opposed to the Mother of Dragons since the first season and it speculated that Daenerys is in danger.

Winds of Winter will also set to answer the fate of Jon Snow’s life. HBO has most probably gone ahead and killed the beloved character, but George R. R. Martin has hinted at the fact that Jon Snow will survive the brutal attack on him by the brothers at the Night’s Watch.

Martin has piqued the interest of the fans by stating that he is working on a major plot twist that will shock the fans completely. There are speculations that the Reed family will be brought into the picture in Winds of Winter and they might throw some light on Jon Snow’s mother’s identity.

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