Mr. Robot Season 2 To Deal with Privacy Issue and Encryption, Elliot’s Crime to Bear Consequences, Showrunner Provides Scoop!

There is good news for the cans of Mr. Robot. Showrunner Sam Esmail has himself confirmed that the second season of the show is going to be out around summer this year.

Mr. Robot deals with some of the most pertinent issues that are associated with the highly connected society of cyber network that we have. The first season of Mr. Robot became an unprecedented success since the series released around the same time as the Sony hack.

Now with the interest in the cyber-crime drama on the high, the fans are hoping for an exciting Mr. Robot Season 2 and Esmail gives the fans some scoops on what they can expect in the upcoming episode. Mr. Robot was all about mind boggling plot twists and drama over cyber-crime. The issues that were dealt with were very real and this is what helped the fans to connect with the series instantly.

HNGN has reported that the second season of Mr. Robot will keep their basic premise the same will look into issues that deal with privacy issues and data encryption. In an interview with Variety, Sam Esmail let out that Mr. Robot Season 2 will again deal with an issue that is a hot topic.

The issue of piracy and data encryption is something is being hotly debated by the FBI and the Apple CEO Tim Cook where the FBI wants to bypass the security features of the iPhone while carrying out the investigation for the shootings at San Bernardino.

Esmail said that when they had conceptualized the plan for the first season the Sony hack didn’t happen and then when they sat down for the planning of Mr. Robot Season 2 they didn’t know that Tim Cook will start talking about privacy and encryption and it will become as a valid issue in the current world.

Being a series that is very focused on theoretical knowledge of the cyber world, there are issues that the large audience will not be able to grasp, but then they will understand the issues of privacy and how important it is.

In order to make a series that is so closely related to the real working of the cyber world, there are experts who guide them through some of the nuances. Esmail has revealed that the creative team worked very closely with the FBI as well for the issue of data privacy where they had their own opinions.

When they started working on Mr. Robot Season 2, the FBI consultant had made it very clear that they would want a third party door for the encryption that was completely opposed to what Tim Cook had always disapproved off and then suddenly the real debate between the two became public and the showrunner realized that they have a brilliant plot for the second season.

The second season will follow the same trajectory as the Sony Madison plot that they dealt with Mr. Robot Season 1 and has assured that even though they will be looking at a different kind of crime, the answers from the first season are all going to be cleared before Mr. Robot Season 2 heads to more dramatic elements.

The first season of Mr. Robot saw Elliot (Malek) commit a crime in the finale and this will come back to haunt him in the second season The consequences of the crime and subsequent impact on his life are going to all pan out in the upcoming season.