Mr. Robot Season 2 To Deal with Privacy Issue and Encryption, Elliot’s Crime to Bear Consequences, Showrunner Provides Scoop!

With a crime being committed, a law enforcement agency will be introduced that this will provide the scope for the entry of Grace Gummer. She will tackle the other side and show the audience a new perspective.

The showrunner is all praise for Grace Gummer and has said that the second season will be all about the consequences of the first season and hence the crime committed by Elliot was let to go on without the intervention of a law enforcement agency since they would deal with it in the second season.

The internal struggle that Elliot goes through is going to be the crux of Mr. Robot Season 2 and the season will try to sort all these out. This will be second year for Mr. Robot in SXSW. The show had its world premiere here in the Episodic Screening section of the festival and ended up winning the Audience Award.

This time they are back and when Christian Slater was asked how things have changed since the last year, he joked that the show was allowed a ferris-wheel this year and this indicates that things are heading in the right direction.

USA Network has arranged for free rides on the ferris-wheel, photo-booth, hacker lounge and t-shirt printing station for the promotion of the second season of Mr. Robot.

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