Winds Of Winter: Martin Not Revealing Secrets About Jon Snow, Expected To Complete Soon, And More Details

The wait has been a long one, and fans are slowly losing patience. To keep his fans happy, Martin has been revealing excerpts from the upcoming novel in his blog. The excerpts are from Sansa’s point of view in the chapter titled Alayne.

Martin has asked fans not to get too fond of the characters he has created, which has made it very clear to the readers that Winds of Winter will also see many of their favourite characters for the final time. Apart from ruthless deaths, Martin has also revealed that the book features a few marriages.

There is an interesting speculation that Tyrion Lannister will fall in love with Arya. Arya on her part is nursing feelings for someone else and this is going to give it an interesting twist since Arya is out to become the greatest assassin in Westeros, and it doesn’t help her to have a soft heart.

A Dance with Dragon was published back in 2011, and it has been four years in the wait. These four years have been long and by the looks of things, the waiting is going to end this year. George R. R. Martin shouldn’t have focused on Game of Thrones and should have written the books instead! What do you feel? Let us know via the Comments Section below.