Winds Of Winter: Martin Not Revealing Secrets About Jon Snow, Expected To Complete Soon, And More Details

With Game of Thrones Season 5 catching up to the novel, George R.R Martin knows the importance of releasing Winds of Winter. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the writer had claimed that he wanted to announce the Winds of Winter book before the sixth season of Game of Thrones started next year.

He said that he wants to release the book now, but he knows that he is over-optimistic. He has already cancelled his visit to two conventions and is turning down interviews and promotional events so that he can stay at home and finish writing the novel that has been long overdue.

George R.R Martin said that he had made a mistake in not sticking to a timetable. He was writing the book at a good speed initially, but he kept it aside for six months while focusing on tours, and this cooled off his writing speed.

Winds of Winter is going to answer questions, a lot of them if the author is to be believed. The HBO television series Game of Thrones is quickly catching up to the novels too, and George R.R Martin knows that he needs to hurry up.

With Winds of Winter taking a long time to arrive, fans are going back to reading the previous installments and they are hopeful about the upcoming book answering their queries, especially the one dealing with Jon Snow’s parentage.

For those who haven’t read the books, heads-up for the spoiler! Jon Snow was ambushed by the man at the Night’s Watch and he falls unconscious.

The chapter in A Dance with Dragon ended with Jon falling unconscious with several wounds on his body. Will the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch die in the hands of his men or will he survive and come out stronger? With Martin remaining passive with the spoilers so far about Jon Snow, fans speculate that Jon might be paralyzed, but he will warg his mind into Ghost, his dire wolf.