Winds of Winter: Likely to Release in 2016, Martin Asked to Quicken His Pace, Has a Major Twist Planned Out, And More

HBO has realized that the wait for Winds of Winter is futile since they have a deadline to meet. The sixth season of Game of Thrones is scheduled to be released on March and with Martin not clear about when he is going to finish the book, they decided to continue with the story on their own.

The fifth part of the series has ended with a cliffhanger where Jon Snow is being stabbed by his brothers from the Night’s Watch and there is a lot of suspense about whether the beloved character is going to survive the attack.

Martin had said that Jon Snow is going to survive, but he has also said that there is a huge twist in Winds of Winter that is going to not go down well with the fans.

Martin has also hinted that Winds of Winter is going to see the two factions of Ice and Fire fighting with each other and there are rumors that the Iron throne that has been made centuries ago from Valyrian steel might be destroyed in the battle.

With such exciting news pouring in, it is becoming difficult for the fans to wait for the sixth book. Moreover the loyal fans of the series are not happy that HBO had to let the story unfold independent of the book.

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