Winds of Winter: Likely to Release in 2016, Martin Asked to Quicken His Pace, Has a Major Twist Planned Out, And More

The last installment from George R. R. Martin’s popular series A Song of Ice and Fire came out in 2011. It has been a long wait for the fans of the series since A Dance with Dragons was published. Now almost four years down the line, Martin is still not forthcoming about when the sixth part is going to be ready.

There have been a lot of speculations that Winds of Winter is ready and that Martin is just waiting for the perfect time to reveal the date of publication. However, irrespective of all the rumors doing the rounds, every time Martin has been asked about the publishing date he has asked the fans not to believe the rumors that are doing the rounds.

He has assured that when he is finally done with Winds of Winter, he will personally let the fans know about it.This, however, doesn’t please the fans. They are running out of patience and are getting a little impatient about Winds of Winter’s publication date.

Martin has understood that he hasn’t been fare to his huge fan base and had even promised that he would cut down on his other commitments and would prioritize the upcoming novel. That doesn’t seem to have been such a successful venture.

Yes, Martin did cut down on his Comic-Con appearance. He gave the San Diego Comic-on a miss and this had given rise to speculations that Winds of Winter is almost ready and George R. R. Martin is giving the finishing touches before he announced the news officially.

To the disappointment of the fans, the July Comic-Con came and went and months have gone since then and there has been no word from Martin that can give the fans a clear indication about when Winds of Winter can be expected.

There is a speculation that Winds of Winter is going to be published sometime in 2016. This piece of information hasn’t been confirmed or denied by George R. R. Martin, but, Alejo Cuervo, the editor of Ediciones Gigamesh has informed The Week in a recent interview that the Spanish publishing giant is expected to get the English manuscript of Winds of Winter sometime next year.

The Ediciones Gigamesh is going to be handed the English manuscript and then have to translate Winds of Winter into Spanish before they publish it, which means that the English version of the sixth novel in A Song of Ice and Fire will be released before it is published in any other languages.

Martin had revealed that one of the main reasons for him taking so long to complete the novel is because he works on Winds of Winter only when he is home and working from his desk.

He has confessed that he can’t write if he is on an airplane or if he living in some hotel and travelling around the world. He needs his own personal space at home, to get his creative juices flowing.

This confession hasirked the fans who are losing their patience from the long wait. They have urged Martin to increase his writing pace and this hasn’t gone down well with the writer.

He said in a recent interview that it isn’t possible for him to quicken his pace of writing just because the fans expect him to do it. He will continue working and writing in the same fashion that he has been doing and will finish the novel.