Winds of Winter: HBO Series To Overtake The Novel, The Wall Might Fall, And More

Winds of Winter doesn’t seem like it’s going to be complete before Season 6 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the thought doesn’t seem to bother writer George R.R Martin. In an interview with Geekwire, the author said that the show is moving at the speed of a locomotive.

The author has been working on the sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series for over 4 years now and the television series that was based on his novels has caught up with his work.

HBO would have based their Season 6 on Winds of Winter, but since Martin is still working on the novel and is yet to disclose a release date, HBO is going to go ahead and create their own story from here on.

Martin is completely unperturbed by the whole thing. He is of the opinion that HBO is working on only a 60 page script while he is working on a 1500 page novel. Martin has agreed that the thought of having Game of Thrones overtake his novel and also overshadow his upcoming book does perturb him, but he has accepted the fact.

He said that worrying about it isn’t going to solve anything. He would rather sit down on his typewriter and work on the novel while they keep working out a script and adapting his novels on screen. There is no deadline about when Winds of Winter is going to be finished.

Martin seems to be losing his cool these days when asked about when the book is due. He told Geekwire not to ask him if the book is done since he will ask his minions to cut off the head of the person asking the question.

Martin has informed fans that the seventh book in A Song of Ice and Fire will be called A Dream of Spring. He has also revealed that the ending of Winds of Winter is going to be bitter sweet. He has been influenced by J.R Tolkien and will be following his pattern to end the novel in a bittersweet note.

Fans are not pleased with these details that Martin has to offer them. They are more interested in finding out when Winds of Winter is going to be released. It’s been a long wait since 2011 when Dance with Dragons was released and they are running out of patience.

Martin had given hope to the fans when he had informed that he will not be attending the San Diego Comic-Con, given the impression that he has some last bits of the novel left. Fans were earnestly waiting for an update immediately after the convention ended, but all they were met with was disappointment.

Since the wait for Winds of Winter is a never ending one, fans have taken to make their own speculations about what might be in the upcoming novel. There is one assumption that holds that the White Walkers, also known as The Others is going to be the real antagonist of the novel.

iDigitalTimes has reported that in the ending of A Dance with Dragons, the readers see that the Night’s Watch are having a tough time keeping the White Walkers in check. Jon Snow’s sword was the only thing that could kill them apart from Dragon glass.

The only piece of Dragon glass that they had is lost and with Jon Snow set to die, things look rather bleak for the Brothers of the Night’s Watch. News Everyday has reported that the Wall might fall in Winds of Winter!