Pokémon Z: Immense Zygarde Possibilities Shown In Game, Release Date Along With Weird Blob-Like Creatures Revealed, And More


At the moment, Pokémon Z remains a big mystery. The release date for Pokémon Z is probably not far away as Pokémon X and Y was released back in 2013, followed by Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014 but there is a new installment due for 2015.

Pokémon Z is actually a placeholder name which should come as a follow-up for those sensational games like Pokémon X and Y. Furthermore, these games actually demonstrate what people are actually looking for. The way we played these games were greatly revolutionized by X and Y.

However, it still stayed true for the formula that was already established. In Pokémon Z, the developers need to demonstrate similar strengths and characteristics. It should definitely have the power to break the boundaries but at the same time, the title should stay true to the amazing games that preceded it.

When Pokémon Red was introduced back in 1998, people were highly excited about it and it became immensely popular all over the world. Pokémon became the quintessential title for Nintendo’s Game Boy console and there wasn’t a kid back in those days that didn’t own one. Pokémon Z needs to adopt the sense of wonder that was created in the Pokémon games of the beginning.

However, in the end, it is still impossible to create the excitement that was created by the first game but Pokémon X and Y introduced some huge changes to the franchise that people were actually looking for. Suddenly, it was again essential to own one of those Nintendo consoles again. The veteran Pokémon lovers will again get back on track if Pokémon Z has some amazing experiences in store for us.

Right now, fans are waiting for the Pokémon Z release date and the franchise recently displayed a glimpse of the Mega Evolution Act 4 Special. The Pokémon that was seen in the trailer were quite interesting and it made fans wonder about exactly just what they were.

Ever since the announcement, the new Zygarde movie has become the latest topic of discussion among fans. There is a lot of hype surrounding the Pokémon XY movie and fans really expect to see something different since Zygarde is expected to make an entry in a Mega Evolution Special.

According to a recent report by Movie Pilot, the legendary Zygarde could participate in a wild fight. This will happen if he is expected to battle or actually go beyond the Xerneas or Yveltal. The Mega Evolution 4 Special which was included in the recent trailer has excited fans to a great degree.

iDigitalTimes reports that the presence of two unrecognized Pokémon was spotted on the particular trailer. There is a Pokémon that was undetermined by the by the Pokedex and it appears to be a blob-like Pokémon.

The specification of this Pokémon is unlikely at this point but it seems like chipped-off pieces belonging to Zygarde’s skin. This is because these small blob-like creatures have the presence of hexagonal imprints on their back which closely resemble that of Zygarde’s.

Pokémon Z

According to reports from Yibada, the 30 second trailer featured the presence of Mega-Charizard X, Mega-Venusaur, Mega-Alakazam, and Mega-Bannette along with Mega-Houndoom. In the teaser clip, the green blob Pokémon was spotted alongside Chespin, the Kalos grass-type starter Pokémon was spotted.

The hardcore and seasoned fans of the Pokémon series are aware of the Zygarde being the 3rd Legendary Pokémon belonging to the Kalos region, besides Yveltal and Xerneas. According to iDigitalTimes, it has a body similar to that of a serpent, featuring green, black and white hexagonal patterns.


  1. Every time I read one of these articles, people seem to forget that Rayquaza (also a legendary), has a mega form too. Zygarde is not the second after Mewtwo to receive a mega.

  2. Every time I read one of these articles, people seem to forget that Rayquaza (also a legendary), has a mega form too. Zygarde is not the second after Mewtwo to receive a mega.


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