Winds of Winter: Fans Urge Martin to Increase His Pace, HBO Reportedly Pushes Back Release Date, And More

With George R. R. Martin claiming that he is determined to release Winds of Winter before the release of HBO’s Game of Thrones, fans are hopeful that the book will be out before March 2016.

However, they are not keeping their hopes very high since Martin has been making such promises and breaking them since the past four years.

Yes, it has been four years since the fifth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire had released and ever since 2011 fans have been waiting to read about what’ in store for Jon Snow. This is no spoiler for the ones who haven’t read the books since HBO caught up with the novel in no time.

A Dance with Dragons ended with Jon Snow being stabbed to dead and Daenerys finding herself in a strange place. The fate of these two popular characters are hanging by a very loose string and fans are dying to know what’s in store for them.

However, given the fact that Martin writes only when he is at home and sitting on his writing table, the wait to know their fate is going to be a long one. Fans are running out of patience and with HBO going ahead with their own plot line since they don’t have a novel to base their sixth season on, the charm of the novel is on a decline.

According to Christian Today, Winds of Winter might see Daenerys starting a war in Westeros. A war was impending for a very long time and she is going to bring the war with the use of blood and fire.

Daenerys has been waiting to go back home for a very long time and she is going to follow her forefathers in getting back what is truly hers, the Iron Throne. Given the fact that she is the Mother of Dragons there are chances that she will triumph over all and sit on the Iron Throne.

The civil war in Westeros will change the geography of the region completely. iDigital Times has reported that the major chunk of Winds of Winter will focus on this civil war that will be fought between the Targaryens, Lannisters, Baratheons, and Starks. The civil war is going to devastate the region and will leave thousands dead and homeless.

There were reports that the manuscript for Winds of Winter may be completed by 23rd February, 2016, but that doesn’t look like a possibility.

These rumors were spread since Polish publishers reportedly said that the translation for the Polish version is being done. However, Martin came out to tell the fans not to believe any reports circulating online regarding Winds of Winter.

He said that if there are to be any official announcements pertaining to the book, then Martin himself will either call a press conference to release the news or mention it in his blog for the aid of his fans.

Martin had initially been very skeptical about HBO going ahead with their own plot for Game of Thrones. Avid fans of A Song of Ice and Fire series created a major uproar about this and urged George R. R. Martin to complete Winds of Winter before HBO starts working on Game of Thrones Season 6, but Martin retorted back saying that it wasn’t possible for him to increase his writing pace just because his fans have been urging him to do so.

While making an appearance at the Northwestern University, Martin addressed his fans and talked about the issue where fans are saying that the reason for Winds of Winter not coming out faster was because Martin is a slow writer.