Winds of Winter Delayed Again? George R. R. Martin Posts Chapters from the Novel On His Blog, Jon and Arya Might Get Romantically Involved!

This might not be good news for fans who are anxiously waiting for the release of the novel Winds of Winter. The HBO hit series- Game of Thrones which has been created based on Martin’s novels.

However, the show has managed to catch up with the novel and it has put Martin under a lot of pressure to finish his novel so that the next season of Game of Thrones can be made.

Some rumors about the novel that are currently floating around, state that Jon Snow and Arya Stark could be seen developing some kind of a romantic relationship in Winds of Winter. Theoretically, they are siblings, however, it should be kept in mind that Jon is a bastard and not the son of Catelyn and Ned Stark.

Not only that, it was reported that Tyrion Lannister too will be attracted towards Arya Stark. Apparently, he will be driven to her because of the strong personality that she possesses. However, he will not be so lucky to get her in his life as Arya will be seen getting close to her half-brother Jon Snow.

The novel will also shed more light on the origin story of Jon Snow.

Stay tuned for more updates on Winds of Winter.