Winds of Winter: Book to Release in 2017, Conan O’Brien Makes Fun of Martin’s Pace, Neil Gaiman to Assist Martin!

Martin came to his own rescue when he told ASOIAF fans that they shouldn’t crib about the fact that Season 6 of Game of Thrones will be out before the release of Winds of Winter. His justification was that fan read books that are based on books even after they have watched it. Watching something on screen is very different from actually reading it and hence they shouldn’t have an issue with the fact that Winds of Winter is coming out after April 24th.

Winds of Winter is going to deal with Jon Snow and Daenerys’s fate. There was a lot of talk about whether Jon Snow will be killed in the next instalment. Martin had confirmed that he will not kill Jon Snow in Winds of Winter, but HBO hadn’t made any such commitments. There is a chance that the plot in the series and the book will differ in this main point.

The very fact that 1000 pages of the novel has been turned into 10 episodes in a season is enough to understand what kind of liberties the makers of the televisions series have to take. They often have to change the whole arc of the series to make sure that the sprawling storyline can be accommodated in a few episodes.

Jobs N Hire has reported that Martin has asked Neil Gaiman to help him complete Winds of Winter. If Gaiman helps Martin to finish the novel, then Martin might be able to publish the book in 2017 as has been revealed.

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