Gran Turismo 7: No Specific Release Date in Sight, Features Greater Number of Premium Cars!

Gran Turismo 7 is an upcoming racing video game that is being developed by Polyphony Digital. The game will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment and it will be released for the current gen console of PlayStation 4.

The Gran Turismo franchise of racing video games have been exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platform since it first made its appearance. The first Gran Turismo game was released nearly 20 years ago. The franchise has recorded more than 76 million sales units of Gran Turismo video games till date.

The last released game of the series was Gran Turismo 6 which was released around two years ago. The latest reports regarding the game suggest that it will feature some major upgrades compared to its predecessors.

The Gran Turismo franchise has been around for quite a long period of time, however, it seems to have lost its attraction of late. The scenario of racing games has seen major changes over the past few years. The universe of racing games is currently being dominated by the likes of Need For Speed, Grid, etc.

The developers of Gran Turismo 7 really need to up their ante with the game if they want it to hold its own in a fiercely competitive market. It was reported that fans of the series will get to experience a special prelude before the actual game is released.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the game recently stated that the developers will incorporate various new aspects and elements in the upcoming game. However, Polyphony Digital has been mum about the game and its release date.

Kazunori Yamauchi stated that the developers will retain the standard cars in the game and also try to increase the number of premium cars in it. Apparently, the main focus of the game will be on modern day racing. However, it should be noted that if the game is not launched by 2017, it can be no longer be cited as an example of a modern-day racing game.

The reason behind this- it is likely that the developers would incorporate cars into the game which would be from the 2015-2016 era. In that case, if the game is released after 2017, the cars, however, modern they are will become somewhat outdated. If that happens, it will no longer be called a modern-day racing game.

The game was announced back in 2014. At that time, Kazunori Yamauchi stated that they wanted to incorporate everything in it that they couldn’t in Gran Turismo 6. At the Paris Games Week, Polyphony Digital released another Gran Turismo game- the Gran Turismo Sport. It was during this very event that the company stated that they do not have any concrete news regarding Gran Turismo 7.

Mum is still the word for the company at the present moment and it looks like the company won’t come forward with something concrete regarding the game before 2017.

As for the GT Sport, players will be allowed to participate in two major licensed racing championships with the game. FIA or Federation Internationale de l’Automobile is expected to play a major role in the participation of players in the championships.

Rumors have it that the game will feature some easier modes for newcomers alongside the traditional hardcore simulation gameplay of a Gran Turismo game.

Coming back to Gran Turismo 7, Yamauchi stated that working on the PlayStation 3 console was much harder than working on the PlayStation 4 console. The advanced technology of the PS4 console will work towards bringing significant visible changes to Gran Turismo 7 compared to its predecessors.

Yamauchi recently visited Paris to unveil the car- Peugeot Vision GT. He also gave confirmation to the fact that the partnership between Peugeot and the Gran Turismo franchise will continue to exist. This has sparked rumors that developers might incorporate the brand new Peugeot Vision GT in the upcoming game.

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