The Good Wife Season 7: Alicia Ends Up Where She Had Begun, Ruth Set to Return!

Season 7 of The Good Wife is the going to be the last for the popular series. The announcement was made by CBS during the Super Bowl and they confirmed that they will continue the last nine episodes and conclude the series by May 2016. With the show coming to an end, fans hope that the show will bring together all the loose ends and tie them up.

Alicia Florrick (Julianna Marguiles) finds herself in a position she has previously been. Alicia decides to take the job offered by Cary Argos (Matt Czuchry) along with her partner Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo). While there are many who are wondering why Alicia took up this offer when she had other better ones, this is something we can find out only later in the series.

The new move will not be an easy one for Alicia. She isn’t someone who is accustomed to office politics and will also find it rather difficult to adjust in an environment that thrives with it. Plus, Alicia will get into a kind of difficult situation with Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) with regard to a new case dealing with computer tablet.

The situation becomes a little sense from the very beginning Alicia and Lucca enter the office of Lockhart, Argos and Lee. They are coming back to familiar spaces, but then things around has changed a lot since the time they had been a part of the firm.

Cary starts on a rather uncomfortable note when he points out that he needs to introduce Lucca to Monica (Nikki M. James), who is the other black woman in the firm because, according to him, they would get along well. To help with this awkward moment, Alicia has her first client.

Howell (Jason Baninsky) from the IT department comes to Alicia for some legal advice. His girlfriend had landed with a tablet that happens to be a prototype and doesn’t hit the market for another two months. Ever since he has uploaded some photos of it on the social media there have been numerous blogs contacting him with the intention of buying it.

Howell heads to Alicia to take her opinion about what should be done and whether she will help him negotiate the terms of the sale. The moment the case comes in front of Alicia, there seems to be a problem since the tablet belongs to Chumhum and the law firm had been having some issue with the company for a while now.

Both Cary Argos and Diane Lockhart seem to be of the opinion that they shouldn’t risk a lawsuit simply because one of the employees are involved in the case.

Diane and Alicia used to be the best of friends, but they have grown separate and now Diane seems to view Alicia as some sort of a threat. From what it seems like, The Good Wife Season 5 will see Diane keeping a close watch on Alicia.

With this being the last season of The Good Wife, Alicia seems to be on the search for her home. She had said in a voice over that home is wherever they you in and it seems like she is still trying to find her home. She has seen her family disintegrate when she found her husband cheating on her and had repeatedly changed her work place.