Love Hip Hop Atlanta: Karlie Redd in A Love Triangle? Erica Dixon Not Returning to The Show, K Michelle Has Unfinished Business!

Karlie Redd from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has publicly announced that she is in a relationship with Lyfe Jennings. However, by the looks of it, Lyfe Jennings seems to have another girl in his life.

The photo had been posted by a user going by the name OfficiallyMrsJennings. While Karlie Redd has found the photo showing her current beau with another girl, there is a general opinion that feels that the photo has been tweaked and isn’t a genuine one.

Karlie Redd from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, shared the photo of Lyfe Jennings and the girl along with her own photo and gave a shout out to the fake Valentine. The photo makes a fun at the fact that Lyfe couldn’t find anyone better than Karlie, but Karlie gave it back to the user stating that she got the ring and the person concerned should keep her name out of her face.

It looks like a huge cat fight is going to start in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but then the followers of Karlie Redd have discovered that the photo has vertical dots unlike the horizontal ones that are found on Instagram, beneath the photo.

They have also posted on the photo with the statement that they couldn’t find the user OfficiallyMrsJennings. This leads to the simple answer that Karlie Redd just created this entire situation to get some publicity.

Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will be coming later this year and Christian Post has reported that Erica Dixon isn’t going to be a part of the upcoming season. Not only did Erica Dixon reveal that she will not be returning for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 5, she also spoke out about her reason for opting for it.

She said that she wants to lead a normal and peaceful life. Erica Dixon spoke to Wetpaint and stated that there are people who feels that she leads a successful and luxurious life and many not understand why she would want to quit something that has made her popular. Erica Dixon is the hair and clothing designer for The Klass and she said that being a star and in the public eye isn’t always a very good thing.

Erica Dixon is one of the most popular member of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and she has been a part of the VH1 reality series since 2012. Erica Dixon said that she tired of the constant fights with her ex-boyfriend Lil Scrappy and his mother Momma Dee. Erica Dixon had joined the show as the mother of Lil Scrappy’s child, but quickly rose to popularity.

According to Starcasm, Erica Dixon is at peace with herself and her decision and doesn’t care if others don’t understand her point.

It is not just the glamor and the stardom of being a part of a television series, there are a lot of baggage along with it and it can be physically very draining. Erica is also a mother and she feels that her role as one gets hampered when she gets into something like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Erica Dixon has said that she will always continue to share a close tie with all her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, like Ariane Davis, Karlie Redd, Mimi Fraust and Rasheeda Frost, but she isn’t going to ever go back to join the reality television ever again. Erica Dixon added that she wants to quit the show and do so immediately.