Transformers 5: Bumblebee to Get a Standalone Movie, Studio Looking for a Location Outside of US, Tight-Lipped About the Plot!

Transformers 5 is going to start shooting very soon and the production team is now looking for a location where they will start working on Paramount Pictures’ latest venture. Screen Daily has reported that the production is keen on zeroing down on some location in UK or Iceland apart from the US leg of the shoot.

Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: Dark of the Moon were shot in US, but the production house realized that they would get numerous benefits if they decided to choose a location for the film that was located outside the United States.

If Paramount Pictures decided to go ahead with a location in the United Kingdom, then they would be able to avail the tax credit benefits that the UK law provides. This would bring down their budget considerably and help the producers put the money on developing the film better. The same kind of incentive are also provided by the government in Iceland.

While there hasn’t been any official news that Paramount Pictures will be shooting for Transformers 5 in UK, there is a chance that they might line something up for the country, now that there are spin-offs on the line as well.

The shooting for Transformers 5 is likely to start in the summer with Michael Bay in the helm of it. Paramount has already announced that the film will be released in the US on 23rd June, 2017. There are other films from the Transformers franchise lined up, first being the standalone film with Bumblebee that will hit the theatres around 2019.

Brad Grey, the CEO of Paramount Pictures had informed The Hollywood Reporter that there is a lot of potential in the Transformer’s universe that hasn’t been tapped into. There are multiple characters apart from Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus who can have their own standalone movies.

The latest news from the studio is that they will start working on a film with Bumblebee and will release it in between Transformers 5 and Transformers 6. The Bumblebee movie will in that case release in 2018 since Michael Bay is looking for a 2017 summer release for Transformers 5 and that will give him another year to work on the sixth installment from the Transformer’s franchise and release it in 2019.

Paramount Pictures did make an official announcement with regard to the dates of the three upcoming movies from the studio, but they weren’t very clear if they would be specifically spinoffs from the Transformers franchise or whether they will be a part of the Transformer films since the studio kept on responding to them as Transformers 6 and Transformers 7.

The Transformers franchise has amassed over $3.8 million worldwide since 2007 when the first Transformers had released. Given the immense popularity of the franchise even after nine years, there is no doubt that Paramount Pictures wants to focus on the franchise and milk the popularity.

With Disney and Lucas Film planning on bringing out one Star Wars film every year, with spinoffs like Rogue One and a standalone film with Han Solo; Paramount Pictures is looking for something similar.

They want to mix the Transformers film and the spinoffs intelligently so that the studio can make a cheaper film in between two expensive ones and also be cushioned in the financial department.

In order to help them, Paramount Pictures has roped in Oscar winning screenwriter, Akiva Goldsman for Transformers 5. There are reports suggesting that Akiva Goldsman will be the force behind the other films that Paramount has announced.