Transformers 5: Bumblebee to Get a Standalone Movie, Studio Looking for a Location Outside of US, Tight-Lipped About the Plot!

Akiva Goldsman and his brilliant team of writers have already come up with eight or nine interesting stories and there is a possibility that a film might be made on at least a few of them, if not on all.

Akiva Goldsman along with writers like Ken Nolan have tapped into the history of the Transformers franchise to unearth plot lines and stories that are a huge favorite with the fans, but have never been depicted on screen. Hasbro has created a very rich history of Transformers and there is a lot of potential in there.

Transformers 5 will have a double plot, one of which will have Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager, while the other one will have Optimus Prime heading to space to meet the Quintessons and stop them from starting a war against humanity. There is a chance that the writers will bring in a battle between Optimus Prime and Unicron and this has excited the fans of the Transformers franchise.

The studio and the writers have been very tight-lipped about the story that they will be dealing with in the upcoming film. Michael Bay will be returning to cast his magic again and fans can only imagine how exciting Transformers 5 will be with Goldsman’s script and Bay’s direction.

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