The Good Wife Season 7: Alicia Ends Up Where She Had Begun, Ruth Set to Return!

Lockhart, Argos and Lee was the firm where she started and she somehow feels at home there. The question that everyone is trying to find the answer to is, how did Alicia find herself at home at a place that she left? If one thought that Alicia will be able to push aside the fact that Diane had lobbied for her current job and that Alicia ends up in the exact same place where she had begun her career.

Alicia and Lucca decide to go ahead and fight the case for Howell and while it is thought that they will lose, the two win thanks to a last minute discovery. The firm has realized that Alicia and Lucca are a formidable team and they go all out to keep them separate.

Lucca is paired off with all the other African-American employees in the law firm. Monica has faced similar treatment in the hands of Cary before and the fact that now she has Lucca to team up with leaves open a possibility that the two of them will change Lockhart, Argos & Lee for good.

On the other hand, in The Good Wife Season 7, Eli (Alan Cumming) realizes that his Marissa (Sarah Steele) is actually going on a date with a real FBI agent. This indicates that Ruth (Margo Martindale) will be brought back in the upcoming episodes to warn Eli and Alicia about something bad coming their way.

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