Whitney Might Be the Murderer, Showrunner Treem Teases New Developments in The Affair Season 3!

However, Joshua is now married to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno). However, fans believe that there will be another affair in The Affair Season 3 since Joshua had always wanted to have a baby after his own child with Alison had died and he will jump at the opportunity to raise a child with Alison as he had always hoped for.

Sarah Treem, the showrunner had teased some new developments in The Affair Season 3. There is a chance that neither Helen nor Alison are responsible for the death of Scotty. There are chances that Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), the bartender with whom Scotty has an affair and then leaves her after getting her pregnant, might be the one responsible for Scotty’s death.

Whitney had always had feelings for Scotty and she had always been a stalker. Whitney had always wanted to take revenge from Scotty for the way he had treated her and the experience might have caused her to go a little too far and end up killing him.

Movie News Guide reported that Sarah Treem is busy preparing for Season 3 of The Affair and couldn’t believe that the show had actually come this far.

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