Whitney Might Be the Murderer, Showrunner Treem Teases New Developments in The Affair Season 3!

Colin Donnell who played the role of Scotty Lockhart on The Affair talks about the role he played and the things that fans can expect in The Affair Season 3. Scotty was killed in an accident in the last season and it saw Noah (Dominic West) heading to prison, in order to save his ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney) and his girlfriend, Alison (Ruth Wilson).

Digital Spy asked Colin Donnell if there were any chance of the character making a comeback in the series and Donnell said that Scotty is very much dead, but since the showrunners tend to resort to flashbacks, he will back to play the role of Scotty in Season 3.

Colin Donnell is a part of Chicago Med and there was a time when he was managing between his role on The Affair and Chicago Med. He said that he would have seven-day weeks and would be rushing from Chicago to New York to make time for all his roles.

Donnell informed that things were a little hectic, but he doesn’t want to complain since he felt it to be a blessing to be able to work in two major series and play such different characters in each of them. Scotty, in The Affair was killed when he was supposedly pushed by Alison onto the highway right when Helen was driving down the area and he was hit by her car.

There were two people who were clearly seen to be responsible for the death of Scotty; Helen and Alison. However, Noah steps in and his friend Max (Josh Stamberg) informs the court that he had seen Noah washing the car that had hit Scotty and this was directly linked to the idea that Noah was trying to eliminate the signs of the crime.

Noah had informed Alison that she shouldn’t tell anyone about the truth regarding the accident and then went ahead and changed place with Helen on the driver’s seat. Noah had realized that he had been unfair to his ex-wife and he wants to make it up to her.

Right before the accident, there were instances when Helen and Noah seem to get along and they both realize that they harbor feelings for each other. Ever since Alison revealed the truth about Joanie’s father to Noah, he had been disgusted with her and had been thinking that he hadn’t been fair to his ex-wife.

Breathe Cast reported that Maura Tierney isn’t going to sit quietly while Noah heads to prison for a crime he hadn’t committed. Max knows Noah very well, they have been friends for a very long time and it is likely that Helen will approach Max to convince him to change his statement. There are chances that Helen will come out with the truth.

There are rumors that The Affair Season 3 will see Helen and Noah come back together, but doesn’t seem likely. Helen does have some feelings for Noah and Noah on his part has realized that he was wrong to have treated her in the manner he did, but Helen isn’t ready to settle down with the man who had left her and her children for another woman.

Alison on her part is going to be completely alone. The Affair Season 3 will see Alison approaching the real father of Joanie, which in all probability is Cole (Joshua Jackson). Joshua has always harbored feelings for Alison and he had been there to support her even after she had left him for Noah and on one such occasion, they had become intimate, which might be when Joanie was conceived.