WhatsApp: Hits One Billion Users Mark, New WhatsApp Scam Extracting Sensitive User Information Through Malwares!

This new scam tricks users into revealing personal information which makes them vulnerable to whomsoever who gains access to that information.

Reportedly, some unscrupulous hackers are sending certain links which appear as if they are being sent by friends. These links if opened, take the user to certain sites that have the appearance of discount sites of renowned brands.

It is in here; users are lured into revealing personal information by making it look like that they would get significant discounts on certain brands if they take a survey.

In the survey, the user is met with a series of questions that asks for his or her personal details. At the end, the user is asked to forward a particular message to a certain number of WhatsApp contacts to win a discount coupon or other such prizes.

The scammer then uploads some malware into the user’s phone through the website and gains access to sensitive information like bank account details, phone numbers, etc.

These scams are being carried out in a number of markets in different languages based on the market. The best way to remain safe is to avoid clicking these links altogether. Entering the site itself makes one vulnerable to being scammed.

Stay tuned for more update on WhatsApp.