Facebook: Crypter Becomes Unusable After Latest Facebook Messenger Update, App Reduces Battery Life of Smartphones by 20%, And More!

The Facebook Messenger is currently the topic of discussion across a number of forums after Crypter became unusable after an update. Crypter is a Chrome and Firefox extension that ensures extra security for users of the Facebook Messenger.

It prevents hackers and scammers from extracting personal information of the user by adding an extra layer of security to the messenger.

A spokesperson of Crypter stated that it is Facebook who is responsible for Crypter not working with Facebook Messenger. However, Facebook claims that they have not done anything which might pose as a reason for Crypter not working with their messenger. The social networking giant, in turn, puts the blame on Crypter by stating that the actual problem is within its codes.

Maximillian Mitchell, the creator of Crypter stated that Facebook had not contacted the company regarding the issue. Crypter became unusable with Facebook Messenger after an update for it was released by Facebook. Mitchell further added that he worked hard trying to identify and fix the issue, but it did not yield any result.

The update for the messenger was released just after an article about Crypter was published by TechCrunch. Facebook claimed that they did not have any knowledge about Crypter prior to the publication of the article. They became aware of the app’s presence only after the article was made public by TechCrunch.

It meant that Facebook was unaware of Crypter while it was readying the latest messenger update and thus they are in no way responsible for it not working after the update. Facebook added that matter is currently being looked into by experts.

It pointed out that the possible cause behind this problem could lie in Crypter’s own source code. Apparently, the source code of Crypter in the app store had a different appearance from the source code which is found in Crypter’s GitHub.

It was recently reported that that usage of Facebook app on a smartphone reduces its battery life by 20%. Renowned Guardian writer, Samuel Gibbs, claims that the app not only affects the battery life of smartphones, it also casts a shadow on its overall performance.

Popular Android blogger, Russel Holly recently stated that he uninstalled the app from his smartphone and it has resulted in better performance and battery life of the device. Some Reddit users like cloudbasejunkie and pbrandes_eth then decided to test how an LG G4 performed loaded with the Facebook App.

The results that came to the forefront were not at all encouraging for the Facebook App. The Reddit users found that removal of the Facebook App resulted in other apps launching 15 % faster.

The results were consistent with 15 different apps that were tested by the Reddit users. The same test yielded similar results across a variety of different Android smartphones.

Gibbs revealed that the design of the Facebook App is such that it interacts with the core system of the Android OS and thus it causes the device to lose power much faster.

The Android system shows an increased demand for power in the presence of the Facebook App which ultimately results in faster battery consumption.

While Facebook was left red-faced with these revelations, the company did come forward with an announcement that stated that the matter is being looked into and users will be updated with any concrete news as soon as it is available. The company promised to sort out the issue at the earliest.

In other news, the social networking giant launched the latest version of the Facebook app just today. The APK of latest update comes with a size of 34.05 MB and it has the version number of (21778846).