Facebook: Crypter Becomes Unusable After Latest Facebook Messenger Update, App Reduces Battery Life of Smartphones by 20%, And More!

However, it should be noted that the update is an Alpha release which means that it is in a stage that is prior to even the Beta stage. Thus, it is not too difficult to guess that the update will come with a number of bugs and errors which will be fixed over the next few releases.

There is a chance that the update might cause the device to function in unnatural ways and thus, users might want to stay away from this one. That being said, users who are comfortable with using beta and alpha releases can go ahead and download it on their devices.

Facebook recently announced that all Facebook App users in the US who are using it on an iOS device will have access to the Live Video Broadcasting feature. The live video streaming feature was first introduced on a smaller scale by Facebook in the previous year.

Initially, it was accessible by just celebrities, journalists and other prominent personalities. However, in just one week, the feature became usable by the common public in the US who were using the Facebook App on iOS devices.

Facebook stated that the feature will be rolled out to the rest of the world in the oncoming weeks. Definitely something to look forward to for the millions of Facebook App users all over the world!

Stay tuned for more update on Facebook.