What Fans Desire in Pokemon Z, Pokemon GO Demo for iOS and Android to Be Released in March!

If we don’t consider the reboots Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the latest entry in this franchise was Pokemon X and Pokemon Y of 2013. With the help of these two games, we were introduced to a franchise of a fully 3D world which featured detailed landscapes and Pokemon battles.

These games propelled the franchise to new heights and at the same time, fans started looking forward to another latest game in the series, named Pokemon Z. A host of new creatures were welcomed to the franchise with Pokemon X and this included the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas while Pokemon Y introduced Yveltal.

After these two titles were launched, rumors regarding a possible third entry in the series erupted. This is because when you look at it logically, Z comes after X and Y. When the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde was revealed, the rumors were stepped up to a new level.

The release date of Pokemon Z is yet to be confirmed but if the game does come out, there are certain features that fans expect from this game. Fans are expecting a new region in Pokemon Z. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y took place in the region of Kalos.

This was a big region filled with many scenic spots to take pictures in and at the same time, it came with updated cutting edge graphics which resulted in the creation of highly immersive environments.

This region is quite impressive but exploring it for the second or third time for fans of this series, will be a rather tedious and monotonous task. If Pokemon Z doesn’t feature a completely new region, an expansion of Kalos would be a welcome addition as well. At the same time, there should be more Pokemon and more evolutions.

The upcoming Pokemon Z movie will come with new Pokemon of unique fire/water type Volcanion and Zygarde and they further come in five forms. Till now, there are 721 Pokemon and at the moment fans are excited for a lot more. Moreover, the next title will introduce some Mega-Evolutions as well.

This concept was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y and these Mega Evolutions end up further strengthening your Pokemon. More Mega Evolutions were introduced by reboots Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, bringing in the count to 46. It would be very fitting if Pokemon Z decided to introduce some more.

The process of Smartphone accessibility would be another cool feature. The console gamers have the cool feature of using their smartphones for their games. In the next game, the developers should introduce a feature through which gamers can organize their Pokemon using their smartphones. At the same time, they should include trading as well.

In other news, fans can expect something new and interesting with Pokemon GO which is an increased reality game that works best on smartphones. According to the latest updates on Pokemon releases, the Pokemon GO will have its demo aired in March 2016. Currently, it has been made official that this game will be available on both IOS and Android platforms.

At the same time, fans will have to wait a little while longer in order to get more information on Pokemon Z. N4BB reports that game developing company Niantic has finally forecasted the Pokemon GO demo in upcoming Game Developers Conference which will take place in March.

Fans have patiently waited for this game to be released on Apple and Android devices ever since its announcement in September 2015. CEO John Hanke of Niantic will provide further information about Pokemon GO besides its development and this will help would’-be trainers into the outdoors.