Call of Duty Black Ops 3: “Double Double XP” Weekend Underway, New Patch Brings Updates to The Black Market!

Activision has offered Double XP weekends for their game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 for quite a number of times in the past. However, their latest offering adds a twist to the situation.

It has been seen that in all of the previous events, the company has offered double XP bonus for either the character of the game or its weapons.

The Double XP weekend event which began on February 12 is different in this regard. In this event, players can earn double XP for both the characters and the weapons. This event is being dubbed as a “double double XP” event. The event comes to a conclusion at 10 AM on February 16th.

Rumors have it that Activision’s launching of this event might have some sort of relation with the US President’s Holiday which is on Monday. The event also covers the Valentine’s Day which is on 14th February.

During this event, all of the multiplayer modes of the game will provide double XP to players for their weapons and characters. Double XP will be also available in the Zombie mode of the game. Activision mainly advertised this event for the PS4 version of the game.

However, fans who are playing the game on Xbox One and PC will also be able to take advantage of the event. That being said, the event is not available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Marshawn Lynch who played in the running back position for the team of Seattle Seahawks recently announced his retirement from professional football.

The renowned running back has been a Super Bowl champion in the past. Lately he has been appearing on various television events and has also been a part of Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

He has appeared in a couple of trailers for the game and has also been a part of its Beast Mode. To honor his retirement, Treyarch decided to incorporate certain changes to a multiplayer map called Combine. The developers recently rolled out an update for the game which placed the number 24 on various places all over the map.

Prior to the update, the map featured generic numbers spanned all across it. However, the update replaces all those numbers with 24. Well, for those unaware, 24 is Marshawn Lynch’s jersey number in NFL.

Alongside the number 24, the developers have also placed the number 10 in various places on the map. 10 was the jersey number of Lynch when he played for the team of University of California.

It has been confirmed by Treyarch that these changes have been introduced to honor Lynch’s retirement.

In other news, a recent patch rolled out by the developers brings some updates to the Black Market of the game. The patch has been released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The update brings forth various additions to the game in the form of new items.

The new items that the patch adds to the game include- three brand new weapons, three new weapon camos, two new melee weapons, two new calling cards, five new emblems and several new specialist themes.

Apart from the new items, the update also brings some bugs and error fixes to all the modes of the game. As for the items, the new weapons that the patch will add to the game include the Marshal 16 Shotgun Pistol, the MX Garand Assault Rifle and the NX Shadow Claw Crossbow.

The MX Garand is a powerful weapon ideal for long distance shooting. Even at a long range, the weapon has the capability to neutralize an enemy with just two shots.

The Marshal 16 Shotgun Pistol packs a wallop in close combat. The weapon packs the power of a double-barreled shotgun, yet it has the ease of use of a pistol.