Weight Loss Not always Beneficial for romantic Relationships

Losing weight is generally beneficial for human health, but when one partner in a romantic relationship loses weight, it does not always have a positive effective on the relationship. According to new research from North Carolina State University and the University of Texas at Austin, there can be a dark side to weight loss, if both partners are not board with enchanting healthy changes.

For the study, researchers surveyed 21 couples- 42 adults- from across the country. One partner in each couple had lost 30 or more pounds in less than two years, with an average weight loss of about 60 pounds.

The researchers found that, after weight loss, the couples communication generally changed for the good. The partner who lost weight was more likely to talk about healthy behaviors and inspire his/her partner to maintain or enact a healthy lifestyle.

However, in some cases, weight loss resulted in negative communication. Some partners who lost weight nagged their significant other to follow their lead, which caused tension in the relationship. Other partners who hadn’t lost weight reported feeling threatened and insecure by their partner’s weight loss. These participants were resistant to change in their relationships. They would make comments towards their significant other, be less interested in sex, or try to sabotage their partner with unhealthy food in order to derail their partner’s effort and prevent the partner and relationship from changing.

Though the above discussion is interesting, is true. So we all should follow the above rule.