Lamar Jackson wins the Heisman Trophy

Lamar Jackson is the newest winner of the coveted Heisman Trophy. He takes the prize in just his second season and as a result the Louisville quarterback is the youngest to ever win. The voting was not even close. Jackson won by 620 points and 526 and 257 votes. He won the Trophy in unanimous fashion receiving 2,144 points and 526 first-place votes Steve Jones of the Courier-Journal reported. Jackson had a monster season. Jackson completed 220 of 382 passes for yards 3,390. He threw for touchdowns while being intercepted times.

Jackson wasn’t just a threat through the air. He added 21 touchdowns and 1,538 rushing yards on the ground. Jackson can also include longest run performance this season puts him in an elite group with some college greats. He put up 51 total touchdowns and averaged 410 yards per game during his first full season as a starter.

Jackson said he could feel his heart pounding in his chest right before his name was announced. He was clearly emotional while giving his acceptance speech. Former Heisman winners standing behind him on stage, listened as he gave his speach.

“I almost cried,” Jackson said. “I never get emotional, but to have my name called and see all those great players …”

Jackson seperated himself from a stacked field of Heisman hopefulls, including five of candidates from 2015 to become the number one prospect. By the end of the Heisman race nobody was close.

“To the Heisman voters, I’m truly honored and humbled to be the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner,” Jackson said after winning the award, Chase Goodbread of reported. “To be able to stand up here with all these other Heisman Trophy winners, I’m extremely proud to represent this class and the University of Louisville with their first Heisman Trophy.”

Teddy Bridgewater praised Jackson on his Heisman Trophy win:

Lamar Jackson will not get a chance to win a title this year because of some losses last season, the sophomore Cardinals quarterback will be back next season in his junior year looking for another trophy to hold up. He has the skillset to be a force to reckon with and by the way he is playing after just two years,there is a ton of room to grow before he heads to the NFL.

Jackson flashed brilliance as a freshman, but their were tons of excellent players last year.Next year brings promise to Jackson. He starts his second season as the Cardinals starter. Jackson looks to repeat production again. He looks forward to continuing his rise to fame.