Breaking:- Apology from Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform where people share online news in just 140 words post known as ‘tweets’. There is a benefit for those who have registered in twitter than those who have not registered in twitter because those who have registered can read and post tweets, on the other hand, those who have not registered can only read tweets.

Twitter is totally different from facebook and any other social media platform as there is no too much of crowd visiting twitter and facebook gives you the opportunity to write as many words as you like but, twitter limits you to 140 words. There is no adding of friends on twitter, its alternate is following action.

Twitter gives only 140 characters to express your views on other people or on a general topic, these tweets are shared between all those who have followed you. So, before going tweet live you had to think twice. what to write? what not to write?. However, you don’t have to think twice visit  prescottpapers .

If you tweet on someone you need a kind of reference in those 140 words. The reference used by twitter users is ‘@’ symbol . You just have to write @ symbol and a drop down list gives you a list of followers and followings.

Then you can choose the one you want to target. A few days back, Twitter update disappointed the twitter users by accidentally removing the ‘@’ symbol from tweet post. This bug went out for everyone on iOS briefly.

This arose the hackles of twitter users because applying @ symbol’s the perfect trend in tweets. After knowing about the bug, Chief executive officer Jack Dorsey and company came up with the apology and the bug has been fixed in the first priority.