John Cena Returns to WWE

John Cena the 15-time world champion in WWE is coming back on the scene this Saturday. For the last couple of months, Cena was quite busy shooting the season of his television show “American Grit” and the public was concerned that he is done with WWE.

But as it appears by latest news John Cena will attend the WWE show scheduled for December 26th at Madison Square Garden. We expect him to start wrestling on that same show when he is back. John Cena’s fans are thrilled that their star is back and they expect great things from him in 2017.

John Cena in his report was joking around that he will take on the entire cast but not Leslie Jones. For Leslie Cena’s comment was – “I don’t want any trouble. I think you’re great. That wasn’t meant for you. Okay? All right? Good.”

Seems like Cena enjoys being an entertainer and his success was great on doing shows and other Holywood stuff. He made his public image from WWE of course, but that does not mean Cena’s only qualities are shown through wrestling.

“It’s live performance and at it’s core we share so much with everyone who takes this stage. This is their ring, this is their forum and they are set in a live environment where anything can happen and they have to perform.”  – John Cena for WWE network.

John Cena also commented about how wrestlers like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Hulk Hogan have achieved a lot in the entertainment world. He believes that their success was a result of them stepping into another arena, not just wrestling. You can still appear in matches now and then and do whatever is necessary in the entertainment world to stay on the top.

From previous reports many do not believe that John Cena will become a full-time WWE star again. This does not mean that he cannot return and have a run in 2017. The reason for his absence is that he is set to star in a new comedy movie with Leslie Mann called “The Pact”.

Cena is going to promote his movie “The Wall”, which is happening right before Wrestlemania. From some sources, we also heard that he will appear in the next Marvel movie which is about the character of Thor.

Above all, Hollywood is on the doorstep of John Cena. He is 39 and it’s clear that he is getting old for WWE. Even though he misses wrestling, we suspect that he is going to risk his movie rolls for more appearance in the arena.

The next big step for John Cena is television shows and Holywood movies, in which we all believe that our big star is going to have a great run.