Ways in Which You Can Force Start Windows 10 and Common Myths about This New, Improved OS!

In other news, there are certain common concerns about Windows 10 that you need to check out. First of all, there is a new Wi-Fi Sense Feature which has been designed to share your Wi-Fi with friends and colleagues and people are thinking that this will automatically share all your Wi-Fi passwords as well, with Outlook and Skype contacts.

It is being rumored that this will happen without your permission and it will take place for your Facebook friends and friends of friends as well! This is a complete bogus myth and needs to be ignored immediately. Another rumors stated that Windows 10 updates will be installed in your system and you won’t have a say about it.

This is in fact true for the people running Windows 10 Home Edition but the users with Windows 10 Pro edition can easily choose what they wish to update. You should proceed by selecting Settings / Update & security / Windows Update / Advanced options. Underneath “Choose how updates are installed” check the box next to “Defer upgrades”.

In other news, we all know that Windows 10 is a greatly improved operating system but it has the ability to run on very thin and light hardware. These include the Dell XPS 13, HP EliteBook Folio 1020 and Microsoft Surface Pro 3. These are something that you should try out in case you are wondering if Apple MacBook Air still reigns supreme in this market.

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