Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Rhimes Talks About April And Avery, Wilson Reveals Information About Her Character, And More

By the look of it, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 might see the end of Avery (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew). This speculation has been on since the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 and show creator Shonda Rhimes has just fuelled the rumor further.

Shonda Rhimes has confirmed what the fans have feared for a very long time. April has decided to go ahead and serve in the army. April and Avery have had a tough time recently. They lost their new-born boy soon after bringing him to the face of the earth and this episode was a huge blow to them.

The incident has made them sit up and take some very important decisions in their life. The fans had assumed that the two would decide to end their relationship with April realising that she has things to achieve in life, but they never imagined that it would actually happen.

In Season 11 Jackson had told April that if she decided to go ahead and join the army then he wouldn’t be there waiting for her to return back. April had directly asked Avery if he was ending their relationship, but she and the viewers never got a response from him.

Now with April going ahead with her decision to join the army in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 it can be assumed that Avery will not be there to welcome his wife back after she has served the military. This turn in events had guaranteed an ending of the couple.

However, things seem to look up according to Shonda Rhimes’ interview with Entertainment Weekly. She has said that there is nothing confirmed about the couple yet. April and Avery’s faith is still not sealed.

She said that while the couple has gone through a lot that has completely changed them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not work out their differences. April has changed completely, but this is not a reason for Avery to stop loving the girl he loved so dearly and give up on her so easily.

These words of Rhimes surely make the fans hopeful that the two can work out their relationship in the upcoming Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. Rhimes informed the fans that she still isn’t sure how April’s story will pan out as it’s still in the planning mode and is a work in progress.

The mood of the previous season was dark with fan favourite Derek Shepherd being killed off unexpectedly. Rhimes has promised the fans that Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy will be lighter in mood.

The show-runner has said that the writers have found a funny and light way of narrating an emotional story and they will stick to that in the upcoming season.

However, the story will still be an emotional one in the nature similar to the other seasons of the series. Rhimes also added that she is found of April and Avery and this makes the fans hope for a happy ending for them.

In an interview with Digital Spy UK, Sarah Drew who plays April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy revealed that she is going to continue being a part of the show if there is scope for her character to grow in the subsequent seasons.