War Dogs: Rise and Fall of the Dogs, Lawson’s Take on War Dogs and Journalism, Review

The film is not very clear on its moral standpoint. Lawson says that at the end of the film the audience would think the film to be about the two gun runners, but the story is really about war profiteering, which is not a crime anymore. He continues to say that the gunrunners are products of the “military and industrial complex”, and that “the guys did not break the law, but the law broke them”. Lawson’s book unveils much more about the third accomplice Alex Podrizki than the Rolling Stone article or War Dogs.

Lawson holds that cinema and journalism are not only incompatible but also diametrically opposite. The recent hits Argo, American Gangster and The Fast and the Furious were also based on print journalism. Lawson says he liked the movie Spotlight because it was sheer journalism, but any movie fanatic would not love it.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor Jonah Hill steals the show by being a wannabe gangster, while Teller does justice to his straight-man role. While Bradley Cooper‘s role as a shady international arms-dealer boosts the fun factor, and association with whom proves to be helpful for David and Efraim in procuring guns from Albania, his mountain-man beard turns heads at the premiere of War Dogs. The film creates quite a ripple as to how two twenty-something young men pull off such an act. The dogs are to be unleashed on August 19 – be the first to let us know what you think of it!