Amidst Floating Questions Of Parenthood, George Clooney And Wife Have Stayed Quiet Whilst Renovating Their Multi Million Pounds Home In Oxfordshire

Are you an admirer of 1990’s television series or movies? Then Dr. Doug Ross from the medical television series ER, and Jack Taylor from the movie One Fine Day are sure to catch your attention – and let me indulge you to the fact that I just started the list. You got it right; I am talking about George Clooney.

While living under the scrutiny of millions of people may be exhausting, which obviously comes hand-in-hand with stardom, George Clooney has remained very quiet about all the floating rumors and speculations about Parenthood.

Speculations are made, rumors are created, and stories are published – the truth to most of which remain in question. So, are the rumors of being just like the real life Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big from Sex and the City 2 true for George Clooney and his wife?

With two years of marriage so far to each other, rumor has it that the 55-year-old Ocean’s Eleven actor and his lawyer Wife, Amal Alamuddin are set to not embrace parenthood, neither now nor in the near future. But a person can hope, right?

Two years back when the world witnessed one of the most lavish nuptials that took place in Venice, Italy, people assumed a new addition to the family would follow shortly. But it looks like expectations are not on the road to fulfilment just yet, and if the rumors are to be believed, they may never come to fruition.

Although neither Clooney nor his wife have catered to any of the published articles or the free stories, no denial has been witnessed. While we know little to nothing about what goes on behind closed doors, the only probable reasoning stands out to be on both of them focusing on their careers right at the moment.

Many media outlets have reported that while speculations may have been floating around about Amal dismissing the idea of embracing parenthood, Clooney has very clearly stated that he wants his wife to shine in her job rather than getting pregnant now.

Another one of the probable reasons was the constant travelling and hectic schedule of the One Fine Day actor, saying that he doesn’t have time to spare. If he does settle down and expand his family, it will happen when the time is right.

And even with all repeated statements encircling their happy marriage, rumors have still been going around about the couple filing for a divorce and so and so. We haven’t had any statements or receipts about the baseless rumors.

While the pregnancy rumors have been going on and off, the loved-up couple George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been in the process of perfecting their multi-million pounds worth Oxfordshire Paradise.

Not only was their Oxfordshire love nest under renovation for 18 months, but they have also been on the road to add even more luxuries and amenities to their home. Rumor has it that their latest addition includes a row boat worth around 10 thousand pounds.

While they might have tracked down this piece of paradise after just three days of their marriage, which was on the market for 7.5 million pounds, the renovations and newest additions seem just to make it a bit more lavish.

Stepping aside from their personal spaces, it looks like Clooney is in a mood to tease his fellow co-stars. While in the latest interview with GQ, when Matt Damon’s friends were asked about their opinions on him, Clooney sure took the opportunity to tease his pal.

Ocean’s Eleven actor Clooney, when asked about his co-star Matt, replied that Matt indeed looked swell in a Speedo for his upcoming movie.