Amidst Floating Questions Of Parenthood, George Clooney And Wife Have Stayed Quiet Whilst Renovating Their Multi Million Pounds Home In Oxfordshire

George Clooney’s recent act of ignorance regarding the situation of the refugees in Lake Como, while he entertained his guests in a luxury party vessel, was talked about. He was accused of being a hypocrite not to act upon the awareness that he tried to spread around the world.

The British-Lebanese activist who is also a member of Council on Foreign Relations was spotted enjoying glasses of champagne while the refugees struggled.

The pair seemed to draw all the attention of media, with the fundraising event for Darfur being overshadowed by what just seemed like a lavish dinner that caused a loss of focus from the charity.

But New Zealand Herald also reported that all the speculations were baseless, and that Clooney and his wife indeed took the initiative to raise money in aid of the refugees. The lavish dinner was a way of thanking the people who participated in the fundraising.

What are your thoughts regarding Clooney and his wife delaying parenthood? Is the fundraiser for the Darfur just an excuse for Clooney to keep his media image positive? Let us know your thoughts and views. Stay hooked for more news and updates.