Wagner Moura Confirms Pablo Escobar’s Death in Narcos Season 2, Will There Be a Third Season? Let’s See

Narcos is one of the best original series belonging to Netflix and after the completion of season 1; fans are highly anticipating the arrival of season 2. Thankfully enough, the second season will be arriving soon, and Netflix has already released the first trailer for it. Regarding action, there isn’t a lot, but you will be immediately reminded of how badly you love this show.

Season 2 will start on 2nd September in Netflix, but people have no idea what’s going to happen. The recently released trailer doesn’t offer a lot of hints either. Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar, is shown, and there are three dates flashing on the screen.

They are Escobar’s birthday: – December 1st, 1949, December 2nd, 1993, the day he died and 2nd September 2016, which indicates the day when the next season will be available for online streaming. Similar to the first season, Season 2 has ten episodes.

Besides Moura, you will be happy to see Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook return to the show. They will be playing DEA agents, Javier Pena, and Steve Murphy. They are the ones who went after Escobar in reality. You better watch Season 1 before even thinking about Season 2.

All ten episodes will be available on the same date when Season 2 premieres. In the teaser trailer for the second season, Columbian King pin of drugs, Pablo Escobar is seen walking towards the camera and slowly facing it against a black background.

Meanwhile, the dates are highlighted on the screen. In June 1992, this famous drug kingpin escaped from the hands of authorities during their trial to transfer him from his luxury prison, La Catedral, to a more typical holding facility. After he escaped, he successfully managed to hide from authorities till 2nd December 1993.

After that, he was infamously captured and taken out in a middle-class neighborhood located in Medellin, Colombia. Blasting News reported that Moura revealed how the death of his character will take place in the second season.

He revealed it while appearing on the Netflix talk show by Chelsea Handler. The ten episodes will be covering Pablo’s escape from La Catedral to the encounter which takes place between the Colombian Law Enforcement and the drug lord.

That will ultimately lead to his inevitable death. The second season will continue following the illicit drug trade activities in South America, specifically orchestrated by Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug kingpin.

The storyline also focuses on the real-life struggle between cocaine, an undoubtedly valuable commodity and various legal, political, police and military forces. Even though fans know about the end of Pablo Escobar in Season 2, a third season could follow. According to many, the series will shift storyline and will focus on a different cartel or drug lord.

The 30-second trailer didn’t reveal a lot of action but people assumption regarding his death in the second season was absolutely correct. While talking about Season 2, Moura was not at all shy about revealing various details. He said that it will be all about Pablo escaping because, in the first season, ten years of Pablo’s life has already been covered.

It started from the first day he witnessed cocaine for the first time in his life to the day he finally escapade from La Catedral. The timeline in the second season is pretty short. It begins from the day Pablo escapes, to the day he ultimately meets his end. After such a crucial plot event being revealed, people are wondering if there will be a season 3 at all.

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