Lady Gaga Will Be Accompanying Dalai Lama in Indianapolis, She Signed a Petition to Change How YouTube Operates!

Various important major label musicians like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Katy and Taylor, Amy Grant, Yoko Ono, Kacey Musgraves and much more have joined the titans of the music industry to ask for the reform of Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The petition will be running until Thursday in various DC-based outlets like The Hill and Roll Call, 180 Artists and Politico. Various labels and organizations have claimed that the DMCA has allowed different tech companies to grow and get a lot of profits by making it easy for consumers to carry almost every kind of recorded song in their pocket via a smartphone. Meanwhile, the earnings for songwriters and artists have continued to decline.

These so-called major tech companies were not named but according to the advertisement, YouTube is the primary target here. The music industry has been quarrelling with YouTube for quite some time.

The artist and various record labels have claimed that the methods for copyright protection are not far-reaching enough due to which talented people are being deprived of their rightful royalties.

It is quite complicated, but Billboard managed to explain it properly. To use the music, most internet companies need permission from their labels. This is a process that involves negotiation and ultimately results in high fees.

The dynamic is entirely different for services which work under the DMCA, like Soundcloud and YouTube. The services keep streaming music uploaded by its users. Meanwhile, the copyright holders who don’t prefer their content being used online need to file a report. Keep in mind that a report needs to be filed for every copy of every song.

Meanwhile, Dalai Lama has plans to bring the message of tolerance and peace to Indianapolis in June 2016. He enjoys strong ties with Indiana and has also visited this place in the past. Dalai Lama will be joined by Lady Gaga at the US Conference of Mayors annual meeting on Sunday.

She is the latest major personality to have confirmed her attendance at the Circle City this weekend. She will be joining Hilary Clinton, former secretary of state. Justin Bieber will also be in town for Saturday concert. The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet will be giving the keynote address at the conference while urging local action to encourage the building of kind and considerate cities.

The address will begin on Sunday at 10:30 am in the JW Marriott Grand Ballroom. Lady Gaga will later join him for an onstage conversation which will be further moderated by journalist Ann Curry. Philip Anschutz, business, and philanthropist, will also be joining the panel. The event is not open to the public, but registered conference attendees and the press can join in.

Dalai Lama last visited Indianapolis back in 2010. He will talk about ‘Compassion as the Pillar of World Peace’ on 25th June at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds, 12:30 AM.

Tickets are already sold out. In case you didn’t know, the US Conference of Mayors is actually a non-partisan organization comprising of cities with 30000+ populations. Over 200 mayors are expected to be present in this event.

Meanwhile, it is pretty hard to determine whether Lady Gaga is still popular amongst us. Same goes for Bradley Cooper. He has been back for about a year now, starring in films like Burnt. However, the truth is that artists like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are not doing anything to stir up their popularity. This is why the collaboration between Gaga and Cooper is rather promising.