Lady Gaga Will Be Accompanying Dalai Lama in Indianapolis, She Signed a Petition to Change How YouTube Operates!

In other news, Havas SA, a French advertising company has planned a joint venture with Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s ex-manager. He will be advising brands about targeting new audiences and younger consumers in the United States. The partnership with Atom Factory Inc, belonging to Carter, will be called SMASHD Brand Innovation.

It will all take place in the pre-existing SMASHD Group. Carter said that it has a tech accelerator designed for start-ups along with an editorial platform. Carter joined music service Spotify last month to strengthen its relationship with the artists.

According to him, the partnership with Havas will surely augment brand strategies while introducing brands to different new technologies and manufacturing new products, apps, and content. The first client will be WeShare, an Amsterdam-based file-sharing platform.

In the meantime, coming back to artists’ problems with YouTube and other platforms, in an ideal scenario, YouTube, and other content providers should come up with a plan that doesn’t undermine user creativity and at the same time distributes a fair share of income to artists.

At the same time, it should not change an aspect of the law which is designed to protect the free stream of ideas and safeguard individuals. It would need some forethought and at this point, that is simply not possible.

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