Latest Rumors and Updates On PlayStation 5, Sony Might Decide to Delay the Release of the Console, Will Come with Support for 4K Gaming and Virtual Reality!

Some rumors regarding the PlayStation 5 from the house of Sony have been doing rounds on the internet for some time now. The latest batch suggests that there might be a delay in the release of the next gen console.

The reason behind this seems to be the introduction of the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, which is the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo. Apparently, the PlayStation 5 will not be the next PlayStation console that will hit the market. Instead, it will be the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo that will be rolled out by Sony next.

Experts are of the opinion that the release of the PlayStation Neo will most likely have an effect on the release date of the PlayStation 5. It is likely that Sony will push back the release date of the PS5 so as to create a breathing space for the PlayStation Neo.

The PlayStation Neo will be incorporated with some new features that will make it a significantly advanced console compared to its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Rumors have it that the console will have the capability to run games at 4K resolution.

It will also pack a much powerful processor and GPU compared to the PlayStation 4 under its hood. All these improvements will enable the device to run high-end games more efficiently and with better graphics. Thus, experts believe that Sony will likely hold off the release of the PlayStation 5 for the time being.

The GPU of the PlayStation Neo is rumored to have 36 CUs at 911MHz. An AMD GCN graphics card will likely be used in the device.

Moreover, another PlayStation console, the PlayStation VR has also been confirmed. The console will reportedly hit the market during October 2016. Thus, it will not be surprising if Sony abstains from releasing the PlayStation 5 shortly.

Apparently, the device will make sure that fans can play the high-end games that will be released in the future without having to wait for the PlayStation 5. Shuhei Yoshida. The President of Sony Worldwide Media had previously dropped hints that the PlayStation 5 will be happening in the future.

He stated- “It is really up to the game creators if they still feel that we need more machine power – We want to realize this and that and that, but we cannot do it with PS4 – if that is the case, there is a good reason to have PS5. So that developer can create their vision. So, we will see.”

Some experts believe that Sony won’t be releasing the PlayStation 5 before 2020. It will also allow them to have provided ample space to the PlayStation Neo and the PlayStation VR. Releasing the PlayStation 5 in quick succession after the release of the

Releasing the PlayStation 5 in quick succession after the release of the consoles as mentioned above will have an effect on the sales of all the three consoles. Fans will have a hard time selecting a console, and it will have an adverse effect on their sales.

However, rolling out the Neo and the VR and waiting till 2020 will ensure that the devices get enough time to establish themselves in the market. Sony will be able to sell enough units of these two consoles within this period.

Finally, when the sales charts of these two consoles start showing a downward trend, Sony could choose to roll out the more advanced PlayStation 5 to the market.

Emmet Shear, an Executive at Twitch feels that the PlayStation 5 might not just be a gaming console. He believes that Sony would build the device with some functions. On average, the life cycle of a console is of five years. However, Shear feels that due to the advancement in technology, that life cycle might get shortened if they come with just one function.