Latest Rumors and Updates On PlayStation 5, Sony Might Decide to Delay the Release of the Console, Will Come with Support for 4K Gaming and Virtual Reality!

He is of the opinion that both Sony and Microsoft will have to do something innovative with their next gen consoles so that they can maintain their normal life cycle in the market. He believes that the devices will have a different form.

Some rumors regarding the next-gen console suggest that the device might come with AMD chips under its hood. The CPU will have more clock speed than the one found in the PlayStation 4. it will also be given in the memory bandwidth department.

Virtual Reality is gradually becoming a common thing in the world of gaming. In that context, it is likely that the PlayStation 5 will come with the support for VR gaming.

Rumors also have it that the device will be paired with the PlayStation TV. If indeed it is done by Sony, it will most definitely provide an excellent gaming experience to gamers. The console will also support gaming in 4K resolution.

Apparently, Sony is working on something called Project Morpheus. This is actually a new virtual reality system. It has reportedly been developed for the existing PlayStation 4. However, Sony might decide to incorporate it in the PlayStation 5 too.

Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation 5.