Vikings Season 4 Trailer Shows Ragnar Predicting Bloodshed after His Return to Kattegat, Major Season 4 Spoilers Revealed, And More

The stigma arising out of the departure of Travis Fimmel will be erased with the help of this accelerated storyline. This will take place through the possible death of his character, King Ragnar. Furthermore, there is something else to prove this accelerated time gap.

Alexander Ludwig was seen posting a selfie from the set and he was shown appearing a bit old, accompanied by some gray hairs as well as a graying beard.

Meanwhile, there is going to be a major spoiler declared below, hence we warn you beforehand. In case you are up-to-date with the Norse history, you will notice that King Aella of Northumbria throws Ragnar into a pit of snakes and that is how the latter meets his fate. In the television series, King Aella is portrayed by Ivan Kaye.

The snakes which trap Ragnar in the season 4 trailer could be a possible indicator of this this ultimate incident. The trailer of the upcoming Season 4 suggests a complex equation between the leader of seafaring Vikings of Kattegat and his brother Rollo as well.

French Emperor Charles offered the latter, land, title and his daughter in the season 3 finale. Rollo will accept in the offer in the premiere of season 4 and he will further betray his fellow Vikings in order to gain political stability with King Charles.

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