Lindsay Lohan: Kicked Out of a Bar for Racial Attack, Holidaying in Costa Rica with an Unknown Companion!

Lindsay Lohan has again appeared on the news and not for something good. The young starlet, who keeps having her brush with the law, has again been a part of a crazy club brawl.

Lindsay Lohan and her younger sister Ali went inside Vbar in New York and headed to the washroom. The two didn’t order any drinks and were stuck in the washroom for over 20 minutes.

When they weren’t responding to the all the knocking, the bartender was called to the scene. He knocked on the door and when he said that he would have to call the police Lindsay Lohan supposedly opened the door and started abusing the guy.

The bartender, according to RadarOnline was of African origin and Lindsay Lohan attacked him racially. She told him that it was New York and he had no business being there. She even said that he should go back to Ghana or wherever that he was from. The onlookers reported that Lindsay Lohan had a very glassy look on her eyes.

What surprised those around her was that she was saying all these things to the bartender in a very aggressive and abusive manner and was articulating her words in a fake African accent. When one of the onlookers tried to intervene, Lindsay Lohan spit on his face and left the bar.

However, this wasn’t the end of the drama that night. The girls were back at the Vbar in Greenwich Village within half an hour. When they weren’t allowed to enter the premise by the bartender, they started banging on the windows with their palms. A friend of Lindsay and Ali then walked in to confront the bartender.

When he spotted onlookers recording the confrontation, he grabbed the phone and ran out. Some people from the bar chased him and caught hold of him. They restrained him until the police arrived at the scene.

The phone was handed over to the patron and the bartender was enquired if he wanted to file a case against Lindsay Lohan, but he said that all he wanted was for them to leave his bar. Lindsay Lohan’s representative couldn’t be contacted for her side of the story.

While the media is full of her racial slur at the Vbar, the Mean Girl actress is out having a lot of fun in Costa Rica. Daily Mail shared photos of Lindsay Lohan enjoying herself in the beautiful country where she is spending her post-Christmas break.

The actress has been enjoying her time sightseeing and lazing around the beaches, but she has been taking time to share photos of her experience with the fans. She recently shared a photo of herself enjoying a mud cleanse. Lindsay Lohan teased a photo of herself in a skimpy bikini bottom and gave a hint of her ample bosom.

Lindsay Lohan later shared another photo of herself having fun during the mud cleansing session with an unknown companion. The two seemed to be in a very good mood and were enjoying the therapeutic session in the hot volcano.

She captioned the photo with her plan for the New Year where she intends to love herself and embrace it in spite of all the negativity and marks. She said that the volcanic mud cleanses all the negativity and that is what she is trying to do this year.

Lindsay Lohan later shared another photo of herself with the unknown guy while hanging at the side of an idyllic waterfall in a skimpy swimwear. The actress had also shared a rather racy photo of her bare back with the face of the guy.