Lindsay Lohan: Kicked Out of a Bar for Racial Attack, Holidaying in Costa Rica with an Unknown Companion!

There have been quite a lot of speculations that the guy in the photos might be the new man in her life, but Lindsay Lohan hasn’t made any comment on that matter.

2015 turned out to be a good year for Lindsay Lohan when it comes to her career. She has started filming for a new movie called The Shadow Within and has had a stint in the West End in London where she performed in the play Speed-The-Plow, which gave her some good feedbacks from the critics. Lindsay Lohan also started her own fashion label called Lavish Alice.

Lindsay Lohan came to the picture with her role in the movie Parent Trap. The adorable girl with the red hair became an instant hit and from there she bagged one movie role after another. However, things spiraled downhill when she got arrested for drunken driving and had to be checked into rehab.

Lindsay Lohan became the young actress who couldn’t take her fame very well and ended up letting it affect her career and image in front of the media. She has tried to make amends and had decided that she will rectify her ways.

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