Vikings Season 4 Trailer Shows Ragnar Predicting Bloodshed after His Return to Kattegat, Major Season 4 Spoilers Revealed, And More

Vikings Season 4 is all set to premiere of the History channel on 18th February and the latest trailer was recently released by the network, pertaining to the brand new season of the highly popular show. In the trailer, we see King Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel and he returns home to Kattegat after being victorious in Paris, which was shown during the Season 3 finale.

The victory marked a major benchmark for the Vikings as they were already on the verge of defeat during the epic battle with French. However, in the end, they somehow managed to turn the tides in their favor, as reported by ET Online.

At the same time, all is not well. After getting nearly killed during the battle at Paris, Ragnar will be returning home dangerously ill. From the looks of it, the health issues will probably kill Ragnar. According to the popular reports, others will be trying to overthrow him and take over his throne as Leader of the Vikings.

This will include his eldest son Bjorn Ironside and his wife Aslaug. Bjorn is played by actor Alexander Ludwig. Further reports indicate that Lagertha, who is played by Kathryn Winnick is also the fierce warrior and at the same time, a former wife of Ragnar. She is also among the people who have their eyes set on the throne of Kattegat.

Meanwhile, in the latest trailer of Vikings 4, you also see Ragnar predicting the occurrence of a bloodshed that will befall on some of the major characters of the show, unfortunate including him as well. Ragnar further admitted that he has always known that power could be dangerous. He further added that there is a significant problem with power.

The more one has it, the more others will want it. He further declared that in his world, if you want true power, you will need to build it with blood. King Ecbert will be featured in Vikings Season 4 and he will continue his scheme down in Wessex. Meanwhile, the French will hide within their booby-trapped Romanesque battlements.

While the grandson of Charlemagne remains cowering in Paris, Ecbert will parade around twirling his mustache.

At the same time, King Rognvaldsson Rollo, brother of King Ragnar, is played by Clive Standen and he will continue to weight his loyalty against fortunes owned by him.It will be rather interesting to watch the fourth season as we will find out if Ragnar will commence running roughshod over France and England or will the final fate finally catch up to him.

Meanwhile, Travis Fimmel’s role remains quite important in Vikings Season 4 since he is the leader of the Vikings and also the King of Kattegat. Sadly, Fimmel decided to leave Vikings in order to pursue his options on-screen.

As a result, the showrunners and producers were left no choice but to find a good successor to his role. This successor should become the next focal point of Vikings.

From the looks of it, it seems to have been decided that this successor will be Bjorn Ironside. He is King Ragnar’s son and according to reports, he will succeed his father as the leader of the Vikings.

However, in the end of Season 3, we noticed that Bjorn was pretty young and according to some reports, there will be a major time jump during the middle of Season 4. This will cause Bjorn to age and be fit enough to be the ruler of the Vikings.