Vikings Season 4: Ragnar’s Sons Fight Each Other, New Characters Introduced, Upcoming Season Described as Dark, And More

Reports suggest that King Ragnar will be attracted to this stranger. Speaking about her character Dianne Doan revealed that Yidu was kidnapped on the Red Sea and was sent to Paris as a slave. She had been living there until Ragnar and his men conquered Paris at the end of Season 3 of Vikings.

Yidu was captured by the Vikings and was brought back to Kattegat. Since Yidu has a Chinese features, her looks garner a lot of interest among the Vikings who have never seen someone like her.

This very fact of Yidu mysterious aura about her is what frightens the villagers and draws Ragnar towards her. Ragnar will work on unveiling Yidu’s past and try to find out more about her.

Doan while talking about the upcoming season reveals that Michael Hirst has written some of the most incredible scenes that the show has ever witnessed. Vikings Season 4 will be dark and playing the character of Yidu has challenged her and has helped her improve on her craft.

Crossmap has reported that Vikings Season 4 will see some more new faces. Jasper Paakkonen and Peter Franzen are also set to play some important role. Paakkonen will play the role of the younger brother of the Scandinavian warrior King Harald Finehair while the latter will play the role of King Harald.

There are reports suggesting that Season 4 of Vikings will see a time jump. Ragnar will be dealing with a lot of health issues and will be distrusting the people around him. There are no concrete reports suggesting that these are the reasons for Ragnar finally being dethroned by his own people.

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