Downton Abbey Season 6: Paper Reveals Major Spoiler, Lady Mary Creates Trouble, Things Get Interesting, And More

By the look of it, one of the main events in Downton Abbey Season 6 has been revealed by the public. A piece of paper that was left behind in one of the sets reveals an order of service for the wedding of Lady Edith Crawley to Herbert Pelham.

There were reports of a major wedding in the final season since actors were seen at the set in their wedding fineries. For so long, no one knew who’s wedding it was that they were all attending, but now it is out.

It looks like Lady Edith is getting married to Herbet, who is the cousin of Lord Hexam and was seen in the last Downton Abbey Christmas Special. While some fans are rather excited about this piece of news, others are very critical of this callous move on the parts of the crew.

They think that whole incident looks too perfect to be true. After maintaining so much of secrecy during the shoot, making sure that no one from the general public finds out what’s happening and then the crew packs up the set and leaves behind a scrap of paper that contains the details of a wedding service that clearly states with all the names and added information.

This was a major spoiler for the upcoming Downton Abbey Season 6. However, fans will be surprised to know that while they were speculating that Season 6 will show the marriage between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, there is going to be another wedding between two unsuspecting characters.

According to Express, viewers of Downton Abbey will remember that Edith met Herbert in Season 4’s Christmas Special. The two of them had chatted and even danced together. There was slight flirting between the two and fans might have thought that Edith Crawley was finally getting over Gregson.

Although Edith hasn’t been able to get married even though she had a wedding gown and other wedding preparations and pamphlets ready. This time, the whole order of service with the hymns and prayers that the couple will be saying contained in the piece of paper give the fans hope that Edith might be able to see some happiness in life.

Downton Abbey Season 6 episode 2 has already brought in a lot of surprises for the fans and they are waiting for what else is in store for them.

Now that Lady Mary is the owner of the land in Downton, she decides to arrange a meeting with Farmer Drew and sets of events that brings in Mrs. Drew and Marigold, who she had gotten to love, but had to give up when Edith wanted her daughter. There is a major hue and cry when Mrs. Drew decides to take Marigold to the farm.

Downton Abbey has gone a long way in trying to make both Mrs. Drew and Lady Edith as characters for whom the viewers’ heart goes out and it is heart wrenching to see the two dear women pining to be Marigold’s mother.