Vikings Season 4: Ragnar’s Sons Fight Each Other, New Characters Introduced, Upcoming Season Described as Dark, And More

Vikings Season 3 came to an end with fans getting to see a successful raid over Paris, but it resulted in Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) getting seriously wounded. Meanwhile, Ragnar’s brother Rollo (Clive Standen) was shown to stay back to marry the daughter of Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau).

Speculations suggest that season 4 of Vikings will feature Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) the son of Ragnar, fighting wars at abroad and home. Zap2It recently reported that Alexander Ludwig has not finished reading the entire script of Vikings Season 4, but is sure that Bjorn will fight back Rollo for backstabbing.

Show creator Michael Hirst was heard saying in an interview that, Season 4 will see the fights between the Rollo and Ragnar grow to new heights, which will eventually lead to terrible consequences. Fans will not just see Bjorn fighting with Rollo. They will also be treated to fights between the two brothers in a quest to become the leader of the Kattegat and the king of Denmark.

Ragnar’s sons will become legends and some believe they will also become more famous than their father. Vikings Season 4 will see this process in motion. It will see Bjorn and Ivar charting out their destinies away from their lives in Kattegat. Bjorn being the eldest, his pursuits will be the primary focus of the upcoming season.

At the Comic-Con in San Diego Ludwig had informed the fans of Vikings that season 4 will see Bjorn standing up on his own and becoming a man. Bjorn will achieve things that his father Ragnar could never do.

Vikings season 4 will focus on the fight between Ragnar and Rollo and the sibling rivalry. With Bjorn becoming the new leader of the Vikings he will face the ire of his brother Ivar. Ivar will not be able to accept his position as a subject of Bjorn, the new king of Kattegat and as reported by Christian Today things will get nasty between the two.

Master Herald has reported that Ragnar will not abdicate the throne on his own but will be forced to give up the same by his own people. This will lead to Bjorn taking over the reign willingly.

Vikings season 4 will see Bjorn facing a lot. With the recent death of his wife and trying to win over the confidence of his people, Bjorn will have his hands full. He will also be in the constant fear of being ousted like his father, Ragnar.

Vikings Season 4 that is going to premier in the early part of next year is going to see Ragnar having to deal with a lot of crisis. Not only has his brother betrayed him to side with the French Emperor Charles he also has to witness his sons fighting it out for each other’s blood.

Ragnar is not someone who is easily drawn to other people by their charms. Hirst has explained that things look to be different in the upcoming fourth season of Vikings. Season 4 will see Dianne Doan becoming a part of the star cast. She is set to play the role of Yidu who happens to be a mysterious newcomer in the upcoming season.