Vikings Season 4: Ragnar Set To Die, Bjorn Comes To The Forefront, Ragnar To Take A Third Wife!

Vikings has always been about wars and romance. Season 4 is also going to see some romance on screen. Inquisitr has revealed that Viking Season 4 will see Ragnar take a third wife. His first marriage with Lagertha came to end after Princess Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) turns up pregnant in Season 2. While Lagertha and Ragnar had a loving relationship, Aslaug was perpetually ridden by the fear that Ragnar is cheating on him.

This fear was justified since Ragnar did cheat on her with Princess Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) in Vikings Season 3. In Vikings Season 4 it is rumored that Ragnar will be charmed by a slave called Yidu, whom he meets in Paris.

Yidu, set to be played by Dianne Doan, was captured from the Red Sea. Ragnar has never seen someone like her and he will be enchanted by her charm and beauty. Ragnar is believed to take her to Kattegat with him, where she will get a lot of attention because of the way she looks.The Hollywood Reported states that this will not go down well with Aslaug.

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