Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors Indicate the Use Of 3D Touch, Similar to the Display In iPhone 6S and 6S Plus!

After the release of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we all came to know about a new feature that is called 3D Touch and it was employed on both of these devices. The system makes use of a pressure-sensitive touchscreen with software so that the screen understands and can take advantage of the amount of pressure you apply on it while touching.

For example, when you press hard on the icon of an application, a quick-action menu can easily pop up. Due to the presence of 3D Touch, most of Apple’s competitors have been left behind but reports indicate that one of the Apple’s main rivals is planning to use this technology in their next flagship device and you guessed it, its Samsung.

A Chinese rumor indicates that this Samsung is one of the core partners of Synaptics’ new ClearForce technology and in other words, it will basically offer 3D Touch service to other device which is not made by Apple.

Therefore, one can easily imagine that is team-up between Synaptics and Samsung will result in ClearForce technology being used in the Samsung Galaxy S7, which releases next year. However, 3D Touch in Apple makes use of both hardware and software.

Hence, Samsung might employ the pressure-sensitive hardware but it unclear as to how the Korean Giant wishes to develop the software aspect of this particular feature. However, if the rumors are true, the details will soon come out.

Samsung launched its first smartphone, the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 and in 2015; it launched two more handsets named Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ which came with dual curved-edge displays. However, the latest rumors indicate that

Samsung will release only a single smartphone, probably a variant of the Galaxy S7, in 2016. This year, we saw two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and one of them came with a regular display while the other had a dual-edge curved display which was included in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Following the same trend, the company should release a dual-edge display variant to be seen in Samsung Galaxy S7. Rumors indicate that Samsung will release two different variants of the Galaxy S7, one of them with a 5.2inches screen and the other with a 5.8inches screen.

A report from Tech Times indicates that the latter version should be the one with the dual-edged curved display. Meanwhile, industry experts have indicated that the device with the curved edge display releasing next year, will not be so popular since Samsung is expected to release only one curved-edge smartphone next year.

When the Galaxy S6 Edge was launched, the popularity of the handset was underestimated due to which the company released another handset, called Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which was launched a few months back. However, Digital Trends reports that the excitement surrounding curved display is slowly decreasing so it may not be so popular next time. Galaxy S7 Edge is being considered to be quite expensive with a higher production cost.

An order for 8 million flexible displays per month has already been placed by Samsung and they will be used to make the curved display of the next generation flagship device. In the meantime, we have already mentioned that Samsung wishes to incorporate the 3D Touch feature in Galaxy S7, similar to that of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

New gestures like Peep and Pop can be enabled by the 3D Touch feature which enables the phone’s display to understand the differences in finger pressure and at the same time enable new gestures. With this aspect, the users can dip in and out of content without ever losing their place.