Minority Report Season 1: Dash and Vega Go Undercover, Agatha Seeks Help, Series to End After First Season!

Minority Report is based on the 2002 Tom Cruise movie of the same name. Set in 2065, the series revolves around three siblings, who have the ability to see the future.

Dash (Stark Sands) can look into the future and find out crimes that are going to take place in it, while his twin brother Arthur (Nick Zano) can figure out the criminals involved in those crimes. Their sister Agatha (Laura Regan) has visions about the future.

With their ability to see the future and eliminate crimes, Dash teams up with Detective Vega (Meagan Good) to solve crimes. However, there is a small problem in this scenario. The Precogs, as the siblings are called, have been removed from law enforcement agencies in 2050.

Vega and Dash team up to solve crimes and Vega even manages to get him a job as a police analyst in the force so that he can get a cover for solving the cases that come their way. However, things aren’t as smooth as they appear. Arthur is hell bent on believing that Vega is their enemy and not a friend, as Dash thinks of her.

Arthur’s opinion is based on the fact that Agatha saw a vision where Vega puts the three of them into trouble. She sees that government employees come to take the Precogs away and the whole process has been initiated by Vega. In an attempt to find a way out of being forced in Precrime, Agatha takes help of Charlie, her neighbor (William Mapother).

While it doesn’t seem very likely, viewers of Minority Report Season 1 will realize that Vega’s boss Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) is getting suspicious about the manner in which Vega has been solving crimes lately and he will follow her every move.

If Blake follows Vega, he will figure out that Vega is taking the help of a Precog to sort things out and this is going to end up in bad way for the siblings. Viewers feel that the government officials coming in to take them away, in Agatha’s vision is related to this.

In spite of being warned by his siblings, Dash isn’t ready to believe that Vega is the enemy. Both Dash and Vega go undercover to stop another murder from happening. Dash has a vision that Cayman (Andrew J. West), a rich spoilt brat, is going to commit a murder at a fundraising party. Dash and Vega are joined by Akeela (Li jun Li) for the mission. Dash decides to go ahead and talk to the victim in his vision, a beautiful girl, Fredi (Sheila Vand).

Fredi and Dash bond over a conversation, where they share their secrets with each other. Dash realizes over the course of a conversation that Fredi is working for Cayman so that she can find out more details about how her sister had died. She suspects that Cayman is responsible for the murder and is trying to get enough evidence so that she can seek revenge from him.

It was while talking to Fredi that Dash realizes that all this while he had been wrong. The victim wasn’t Fredi, but it was Cayman since Fredi decided to kill him. In a bid to stop the crime, Dash talks Fredi out of the situation, convincing her that she should leave the whole thing to the police without getting her hands messy.

Dash even convinces Fredi to run away from the situation before Vega and Akeela and arrive at the spot and get the police to take Cayman into custody for murdering Fredi’s sister.