Minority Report Season 1: Dash and Vega Go Undercover, Agatha Seeks Help, Series to End After First Season!

In the upcoming episode, Dash sees Vega as a victim in his vision and helps her in solving the case involving her father’s murder. Dash helps Vega to find a man who was involved in the murder and use him to try and solve the case.

Things are just starting to get exciting in Minority Report Season 1, but fans need to brace up for the fact that the show is going to end for good after just 10 episodes. Fox had decided to run Minority Report Season 1 for 13 episodes, but since they aren’t getting the type of TRP they hoped for in the 9pm slot, they have decided to cut it short.

Fox was very keen on going ahead with the new series based on the popular Steven Spielberg film, but they are disappointed with the ratings of 0.7 that show is bringing in. Fox isn’t keen on losing out on the primetime slot.

Fox has issued a statement that the three episodes weren’t cut off. They were in fact, backup episodes for the show if it became popular and since it didn’t cut the mark, they have removed the additional 3 episodes.

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